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November 3rd, 2008

Foreclosure Initiatives are Gaining Momentum



JP Morgan Chase is the latest financial institution to announce a venture that will provide foreclosure assistance to its customers. JP Morgan announced Friday (Oct. 31) they plan to modify $70 billion in subprime and option ARM loans — a plan that could service 400,000 homeowners with either a lower interest rate, a smaller principal, or another more-affordable term. The bank currently holds $27 billion in subprime and $51 billion in option ARM mortgages after purchasing Washington Mutual in September.

Currently, rival Bank of America has two separate foreclosure-assistance initiatives underway. The first which is aimed at providing foreclosure relief to 265,000 of its customers with various types of mortgages, and the other which has been constructed in conjuncture with various states’ attorney generals as part of BOA’s takeover and settlement of Countrywide. BOA plans to spend $8.4 billion in restructuring subprime and option ARM loans from former Countrywide customers.

With the Treasury, FDIC, FHA, and private programs currently or soon to be underway, a rescue for Main Street seems to be in motion. Critics of these initiatives, many of whom are diligent homeowners, continue to ask, “What about helping the homeowner that did the right thing?” What’s to stop a responsible homeowner from defaulting on their loan just to receive the same assistance delinquent borrowers have begun to receive?:

The program covers borrowers who live in their homes and who “show a willingness to pay,” the bank (JP Morgan) said.

Scharf (Charles Scharf, head of retail financial services at JP Morgan) said JP Morgan will also work with homeowners who are current on payments, given that modification programs started once customers have missed payments are “very often too late to help.”

JP Morgan’s announcement will certainly serve to get competing banks on the foreclosure-assistance bandwagon. The Treasury’s TARP program that has provided capital to certain banks, has served to strengthen the institutions, allowing them to take on much needed foreclosure-assistance ventures like these.

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2 Responses to “Foreclosure Initiatives are Gaining Momentum”

  1. Latisha Says: August 2nd, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Hey, I like the ideas and the help that is given but its been almost six months and i have not recieve any assistance yet.I am current, but its getting harder to pay my mortgage every month. I have not got any answers on my assisstance.Everytime i call to check on my status with my mortgage they give me the run around. Im asking to please help me.


  2. Tim Manni Says: August 2nd, 2010 at 12:29 pm


    Wow, you found a really old article, that’s great. Well this is the problem nowadays: current, “responsible” borrowers aren’t being helped to anywhere near the degree that delinquent borrowers have. Have you experienced any reduction in income? If you know you’re going to be experiencing some financial hardship your lender really should wake up and work with you.

    Good luck,

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