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February 1st, 2009

The Stimulus Bill – in Perspective



The blog Suitably Flip, noting that “It’s difficult to visualize a million dollars, much less a million million dollars,” offers a graphical look at how the cost of the currently proposed stimuls package compares to previous government programs:

Big enough to dwarf any government program in history, even after adjusting for inflation. It’s bigger than the New Deal and the Iraq War combined. The interest alone will be costlier than the Louisiana Purchase or going to the moon. The $18 billion in bonuses paid legally by private Wall Street firms in 2008 – decried by the President as “shameful” – is vanishingly small in comparison (smaller even than the bill’s incremental food stamps expenditures).

Click the preview below to read the post and to view the full graphic, which compares such at-the-time monstrous spending programs as the Louisiana Purchase. The graphic – or, more accurately, the perspective it presents – is truly amazing.

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One Response to “The Stimulus Bill – in Perspective”

  1. James Reilly Says: February 4th, 2009 at 7:49 am

    I agree with the minimal size of many the controversial add ons, but don’t give the dog a reason to bark if you don’t have to.

    The condoms that Republicans keep bringing up even though there gone now may well have been a good savings program by avoiding diseases so that they don’t have to get paid for later, but someone should have known how it would sound. Wait for another bill to place it in where fights over smaller items won’t divert such a major issue.

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