December 23rd, 2009

Don’t Forget About “HSH in the News 2009″



Whether it’s to quote the mortgage rates we publish, or to get our take on the latest market developments, news outlets across the country contact all the time.

HSH in the News 2009” is another facet of our blog that chronicles all of our mentions in the national media. ‘In the News’ is full of topical stories and the contributions we’ve made to each.

When you’re at, remember to also check in on “HSH in the News 2009.”

Here are some of our latest mentions:

December 23, 2009 — “Glimmers of Light on Home Prices,” an article quoting HSH from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, January 2010, by Pat Mertz Esswein:

Interest rates can only go up from here. The 30-year fixed rate for a conforming loan ($417,000 or less) hovered around 5% for most of 2009—the lowest rate in 38 years. Jumbo rates fell to a four-year low (in early November, 5.3% for a conforming jumbo of up to $729,750 and 6% for a traditional jumbo). By mid 2010, conforming rates will rise to 5.5% or above and close the year at 5.75% to 6%, says mortgage analyst Keith Gumbinger, of, a financial publishing company. Jumbo rates will be 6.25% or a bit higher by the end of 2010. Gumbinger’s forecast assumes that the economy will improve a bit and inflation will reappear. 

December 22, 2009 — “The Fate Of A Subprime Loan: Can This Man Hold On To His Mortgage,” an article from The Huffington Post quoting HSH by Christine MacDonald:

Reflecting its subprime nature, the loan started at 8.750 percent for the first two years, compared to 6.6 percent for a typical 30-year fixed loan in mid-2006, according to HSH Associates, which tracks the mortgage market.

December 17, 2009 — “Mortgage rates continue to creep higher,” a LA Times articles mentioning HSH by E. Scott Reckard:

The Freddie Mac survey is just one of the tools consumers can use these days to monitor mortgage trends, with data also published by the trade group Mortgage Bankers Assn. (in a weekly applications survey) and private outfits such as Bankrate Inc. and HSH Associates.

December 17, 2009 — “Luxury Homeowners in U.S. Use ‘Short Sales’ as Defaults Rise,” a Bloomberg article quoting HSH by Kathleen M. Howley and Dan Levy:

The Fed purchases haven’t affected the high end of the market because they exclude so-called jumbo loans. Mortgages above the $729,750 limit set by Congress for the nation’s highest-priced markets cost almost 1 percentage point more than conforming loans, according to Keith Gumbinger, vice president at HSH Associates, a mortgage-data company in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. That’s quadruple the historic spread.

“There is no refinance market for you if you are underwater and outside the Fannie and Freddie framework,” Gumbinger said. “High-end neighborhoods are all suffering from the same problems of diminished income at a time when there is little equity to work with.”

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