February 13th, 2010

What Was Your Favorite Post this Week?



With another week in the books, let’s take a step back and review this week’s new content on the blog. While you’re at it, let us know which post was your favorite? (See our poll below)


How Long Have You Been in a Trial Mod? Share Your Story!“: Some borrowers have been in trial mods for close to a year now! If you can compete with that, one non-profit wants to hear your story.


U.K. Says Goodbye to Paper Checks — Will U.S. Follow?” (2 comments): In eight years U.K. banks will no longer clear paper checks. What impact will this “paperless” banking system have on consumers? Could you live without checks?


Has It Come to This — Paying Even Current Homeowners to Stay” (2 comments): Lenders may start paying out incentives to borrowers just so they’ll continue to pay their mortgage. Has it really come to this?


Planning on Cutting Up That Credit Card?” (2 comments): Just because you’ve cut up your card doesn’t mean your account is closed. Sending a credit-card cancellation letter will ensure that your account is properly closed, and the proper authorities are notified.


Update1: New Guest Post on ‘Five Cent Nickel’“: Even the Wall Street Journal liked our guest post on FCN.

Market Trends: Mortgage Rates Remain Stable” (1 comment): Mortgage shoppers continue to play tug-of-war between consistently-low mortgage rates and tight credit conditions.


What Was Your Favorite Post this Week?

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