November 28th, 2010

Weekly Recap (11/22/10-11/27/10)



Saturday’s ‘Contributing Voices”

In case you haven’t seen it, has created a section on our website for experienced journalists from around the country to contribute new content to our visitors. We call it our “Contributing Voices” section (located in the middle of our homepage).

Since we’ve already updated the section once, I want to share with you all the articles we’ve added so far…


Refinancing: It’s all gravy once you break even

Mortgage rates have come down so precipitously that even homeowners who purchased or refinanced their properties fairly recently may be able to save even more by refinancing again.

These days, you’re probably thinking about pumpkin pie, not points, and cranberry sauce, not credit. But one thing you should be thinking about — a lot — is gravy. No, not the sauce, but the money you might free up by refinancing your mortgage. Here’s how you can calculate your potential savings…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Between mouthfuls of turkey and pumpkin pie, we wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, I blogged about a slideshow from “5 reasons homebuyers can be thankful this Thanksgiving.” The first slide is titled “Rock-bottom mortgage rates.” Credit restrictions aside, low mortgage rates are certainly something homebuyers should be thankful for this holiday season.

I wanted to give you a sense of comparison when you’re thinking about mortgage rates this Thanksgiving. To provide a consistent point of reference, I’m going to examine the edition of the Market Trends Newsletter from the Monday before Thanksgiving — both from 2009 and 2010…


5 reasons homebuyers can be thankful this Thanksgiving

We all know that this economy has brought on hard times for millions of Americans. I think everyone agrees that this country’s economic woes won’t end until the housing market turns around. Amidst the still-anemic news of recovery are some bright spots, though.

If you’re a potential homebuyer, you have five big reasons to feel thankful this Thanksgiving…


Distressed homes make up large portion of existing sales

The National Association of Realtors released their Existing-home sales report for October this morning. Reversing two months of positive gains, October’s numbers registered a decline of 2.2 percent. Existing sales are down 2.9 percent from October of last year.

Poor sales figures and erratic reports are expected to continue for quite some time, noted the NAR’s chief economist Lawrence Yun


Mortgage rates increase to September levels

It was a combination of the Federal Reserve’s latest edition of their quantitative easing efforts and a slight upward trend of economic indicators which caused mortgage rates to rise last week.

“Some analysts have speculated that the market got a little ahead of itself in preparation for the beginning of the [Fed's] program, and has been forced to back off a little bit,” according to the latest issue of’s Market Trends Newsletter

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