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July 27th, 2011 (Modified on July 29th, 2011)

Are your pets soiling your resale value?



pet stainsTo sound like a broken record just one more time: Homeowners are struggling to get every cent they can out of their homes these days. If your home is on the market, finding a qualified buyer is harder enough, and given the mass inventory of distressed real estate, getting max value for your home has never been harder.

With that said, have you ever considered the impact your pets have and continue to have on your home’s potential resale value? If not, you should.

Boston-area broker David Crowley told Boston.com blogger Scott Van Voorhis (coming soon: Scott’s first contribution to HSH.com, “7 problems with online listings”) that he saw a condo go for $20,000-$30,000 less because of “cat issues.”

For those of you out there familiar with the smell of cat urine, it’s potent, it stains and it’s an instant turn-off for buyers trying to envision themselves in a particular home.

For those still doubting me on the potential impact cats and other pets can have on your home’s resale value, understand that your home doesn’t have to resemble the ramshackle dwelling of the neighborhood cat lady.

You can live in the wealthiest part of town and maintain your home beautifully, but if kitty doesn’t make it to the litter box in time (one too many times), it won’t matter what your home looks like…it will matter what your home smells like

It was not an upkeep issue – the owner kept the unit in impeccable condition. But clearly the furry inhabitant of this upscale Back Bay condo must have done his business on the floor boards, leaving a smell that was just enough to turn off picky buyers.

4 ways pets can ruin your resale value

Don Phelan of Factoidz.com explains that there are four main ways pets can hurt your home’s resale value:

1) odor

2) property damage

3) being present at the time of a showing

4) making too much noise

Sellers: Make your home pet-free

What should sellers with pets do?

Besides getting on your hands and knees to scrub out any stains in your carpets or furniture, sellers should ship their pets off to a kennel or to a friend or family member for a temporary stay, fumigate for unwanted smells and, as Van Voorhis puts it, “get on your knees and pray potential buyers can’t detect any stray pet scents.”

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One Response to “Are your pets soiling your resale value?”

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