October 16th, 2011

Weekly Recap (10/10/11-10/15/11)



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Boost your credit score before applying for a mortgage

Too often, mortgage borrowers are rejected for a home loan on the basis of poor credit. Whether you’re in the market for a purchase-money mortgage, a refinance or even a home equity loan, coming to a lender with a strong credit score–especially in this present environment–will truly increase your chances of success.

According to contributor Alexandra Kay, there are five ways borrowers can improve their score prior to submitting an application…


Wave goodbye to refi

In a market where homes aren’t selling and many consumers are afraid to buy, refinancing has been instrumental in keeping the mortgage industry on its feet. Sure, programs like HARP haven’t help the number of homeowners it set out to, but persistently low mortgage rates have kept mortgage borrowers interested and engaged in trying to lower their monthly mortgage payments.

Yet according to a forward-looking forecast from one industry source, this country will experience a huge falloff in refinance volume in the very near future…


California says, ‘No more foreclosures’

There’s a new effort in California with would end the foreclosure crisis as we know it.

The idea is to have a referendum and simply ban foreclosures. And while this is a thought which is surely attractive in many ways, as a practical matter it’s not going to happen…


Mortgage rates rising, according to’s new Wednesday release’

Mortgage rates rising,” that’s not a phrase we’re used to hearing.

According to the latest weekly mortgage rate report from, rates on two of the most popular types of mortgages rose the week ending October 11…


Will mortgage rates keep falling?

Back in August, I’m not sure anyone anticipated that mortgage rates would fall as low as they have in recent weeks.

While, along with many other mortgage-market observers, knew mortgage rates would remain at historically low levels, the depths to which they’ve fallen over the last two months surprised just about everyone.

And according to the latest forward-looking mortgage rate forecast from, low mortgage rates are going to be around for a while…


Mortgage rates falling once more

While the economic data out this week couldn’t easily be characterized as “great”, the collective tenor of the available reports was arguably the most solid in some time, lending at least a little hope that we will not slide into recession as we close 2011.

This pulled some money out of hiding, and the stock market had a little better time of it for at least the time being. To the extent that things aren’t getting economically worse at the moment suggests that mortgage rates might stabilize at bit. After a small upward blip two weeks ago, mortgage rates sported a small downward blip last week (ending October 7)…

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